Among Ljubljana's marketplaces, managed by the Public Company for Ljubljana's Parking Facilities and Marketplaces (hereinafter JP LPT d.o.o.), the most well-known is the LjubljanaCentral Market, which is located in the centre of the city of Ljubljana. It consists of Plečnik's covered markets with four arcades, a colonnade, and the Zvonček shop at Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 2-7; a covered market in the seminary building at Pogačarjev trg 1; and an outdoor market at Vodnikov trg, Pogačarjev trg, and Dolničarjeva ulica.

Markets live on their own cycles: weekly, monthly, yearly and, most importantly, daily. Every morning, vendors fill the market with a wide variety of goods, which they display on stands, sales tables, carts, and in showcases, kiosks, etc. Markets have a special charm in all seasons. In spring, when the first rays of the sun start to appear, visitors are offered the year's first vegetables and flowers. In summer, while buying fresh fruit and vegetables, visitors like to cool off in the shade with a cold drink. In autumn, everyone rushes to stock up for the winter. And in winter, when life slows down, people like to buy hams, sausages, and sauerkraut.

There is almost no produce or product that cannot be found at the market. At the market, farmers and other vendors sell all kinds of fruit and vegetables, mushrooms and forest fruits, meats and meat products, dairy products, flowers and seedlings, and medicinal herbs. In addition, the market offers woodenware and pottery, souvenirs, textiles and footwear, and various other products.

In addition to the LjubljanaCentral Market, the company JP LPT d.o.o., based on theDecree on maintaining and cleaning of public markets, also manages the marketplaces of Bežigrad, Moste, Koseze, and Žale. The operating hours of the marketplaces and the list of goods traded on the markets are determined in themarket order with amendments and additions. The prices for renting pitches and equipment are set in the Price list of the company JP LPT d.o.o. for the use of market pitches and services.

The Rules on Managing Marketplaces and the General Terms and Conditions define the activity of JP LPT d.o.o., its powers and duties, the rights and duties of users, the method of obtaining trading pitches, the minimum terms of business in business premises and the minimum terms of sales for outdoor stores, the method of sale and the provisions for visitors or buyers that apply for the following market locations: LjubljanaCentral Market, the Bežigrad market, the Moste market, the Koseze market, markets at cemeteries, trading pitches at the location of individual parking facilities, as well as at P+R, and the market at Špica. The aforementioned documents also regulate the conditions for the removal of goods and packaging and the renting of trading pitches. The prices for the rental of trading pitches, services, and materials at the locations of cemeteries and parking facilities, and on the Cesta dveh cesarjev street are set out in the Price list of services, materials, and rentals for other/marketplace activities of JP LPT d.o.o.

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