Equipment and signalling

On the basis of the Decree on Municipal Roads in the Municipality of Ljubljana, the Public Company for Ljubljana's Parking facilities and Marketplaces (hereinafter JP LPT, d.o.o.) maintains traffic equipment and signalling on municipal roads in the Municipality of Ljubljana (hereinafter MOL). All provisions regarding the purpose, type, meaning, form, size, and placement of traffic signals and traffic equipment on public and uncategorised roads used for public road traffic are set out in the Regulations on road traffic signalling and traffic equipment.

In addition to the provision of services to the MOL, JP LPT, d.o.o. also provides all its services for the installation and maintenance of traffic equipment and signalling to other clients. The values of the listed services are given in the Price list of services, materials, and rentals for other/marketetplace activities of JP LPT d.o.o. For more complex services related to the implementation of traffic signals and traffic equipment, as well as the creation of project documentation for traffic arrangements, send an inquiry to

In addition to the regular maintenance of traffic equipment and signalling, JP LPT, d.o.o. also performs installation and maintenance of tourist and other informational signage in the MOL. JP LPT, d.o.o. performs the above on the basis of decrees laid out by the competent authority of the City Administration of the Municipality of Ljubljana, namely the Department for Economic Activities and Transport.

Control over the operation of traffic equipment and signalling is carried out by the Traffic Management Centre, which operates continuously.

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