ŠRC Stožice


The parking spaces for personal vehicles and buses are located in the underground car park of the sports and recreation centre in Stožice (hereafter ŠRC Stožice). You may access to the parking facility from the roundabout on Štajerska cesta (Entrance 1) and from Cesta Janeza Porente (Entrance 5).

There are a total of 509 parking spaces for personal vehicles available in the P+R parking facility, of which 60 are intended for disabled people, or people with reduced mobility. In addition, the parking facility has 45 parking spaces for buses.

At this parking facility, a maximum of 200 parking spaces may also be rented. In order to apply, you must fill out the Application for renting a parking space, and send it to the following email address: info@lpt.si.

You can find the availability of parking spaces for rent, and an overview of the number of pending applications for renting a parking space here.

Part of the parking facility in ŠRC Stožice operates according to the P+R system (park and ride), which means that it is a combination of private and public transport. The P+R system enables the user to get to important locations on the outskirts of the city or to the city's main traffic arteries by personal vehicle, and then continue their journey into the city by public transport.

Right next to entrance 1 is the stop for city bus number 13 on the extended Sostro‒Center Stožice line.

Price of parking

The parking facility price list and operating hours are available here.


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